Friday, March 27, 2009


Oh! please forgive the spelling of a very tried lady at the keys. Now keep this in mind when you read our Blog. Thanks, Midge

OK!!! I will Blog!!!

OK! Girls, I know I have not Blogged for a bit.

Since Jan 8th, I have been busy at work and busy at play.

I took some tie off to see my Dad in Feb. He had a Test done that he could not drive after. I am glad he did not drive after this test, because we went out to eat and dad did not even remeber ordering his food. Whn te food came Oh she knew what I wanted! Istayed for a few days and cooked up a strom. Left Dad with lots of goodies in his freezer. I tried to do more but ran out of time.

Then just this last week I was at Kyle and Theresa's for a week and had a blast of fun with all the kids. I only saw Kyle a small amount of time well spent. He was there and then he was gone back to work. That Boy sure works hard. Kyle and Theresa took off for the Oregon Coast for 4 days while I stayed with THE KIDS. WOW!!!! What fun we had. Theresa has the kids on a really good daily to do's. The alarm goes off and the house jumps with two live wires and we get dressed, down with food and even some cartoons in before we take CJ to school. Then Brian and I were off to do something fun until 11:30am to pick up CJ. we then went home for lunch and the peacefull Nap time. 2:00pm to 3:30pm. Then we read books, worked in workbooks and just had some fun. Brain got new set of blocks that was from Cars for his birthday. CJ got 3 new Barbies and a new My Little Pony. Brian picked out a new Dinosaur. We had so much fun. The kids were very good, and I am very happy I got to spend time with them on a one on one, or should I say Nose to Nose basis. I am in hopes to continue to be able to take time off every year so Kyle and Theresa can take time out for thair Anniversary. I like giving them that and I really enjoy the babies. We play, we learn, we color and cut. Its GREAT!

I'm now back to work... Boo! Hiss! I only worked 3 days this week and I got ran ragged. I did 14 days of folders and did all the new stuff on top of that. I found notes from everyone with please help its from customers. The billing issues that no one wants to take care of. I was also told of a new set of paperwork that needs doing everyday. Its all just really busy work. While the Sales people can sit on thair hands I run like a chicken getting eveything done. Oh Well I have Mon thur Fri that are all earlies. Thank You!!! I get the weekends off with the man I married. That means alot to me and it means alot to him. Thank God we Still like each other.

Tonight we will watch a movie and Popcorn from a new popper my Wonderful See Family gave me. Yah!!! We really like it, just ask Poco. He thinks all the popcorn is his and may get some.

We have a account with Netflix and that seems to workout well. another good idea of Theresa's.

I get to call Gena this weekend to see about our tickets to see her in Gemany! We are so looking forward to seeing her, Bill and the kids. It will be nice to see what its like in Germany and how they live there. I know every time we talk to to Gena she seems to Love it there. I think the kids know how lucky they are to be there. Genas work is sometimes a bit rough on her. I'm in hopes our visit will be for her. I know I have missed our one on one face to face time. I look forward to just being in the same room with her. I also know she is looking forward to our visit. David has a few places he wants to revisit. Me I'm just looking forward to the family time. Family ia everything to me. The more the better time spent.