Saturday, September 12, 2009

Good Day to one and all!!

I was going to update all of you. We had a very nice visit with Theresa, CJ and Mr. Brian.

We had a Wonderful time with them. We went downtown to see what we could see. lots of shops and you know Hudson's Burgers. We walked on the Boardwalk. We went to Dockside and had dessert.

Theresa and the kids went to Silverwood while they were here. They went with a friend and here her children. Fun was had by all. The kids came home just beat.

We all went to The North Idaho Fair. The kids went on all the rides, had fair food and watched the Motocross. Some of those kids were so small. They were awesome to watch. CJ liked the fact that one of the riders name was CJ. Her ears would perk up every time his name was called. She loved it.

Theresa keeps the kids busy any way she can. They are busy all by them selves, but keeps them busy beyond that. The kids liked to walked the dogs. We took a few walks. The kids had a Lemonade stand.( they made $30.00). They were only out there about 2 hours. Cute kids with small faces are a real assist to sales.

I can not remember what all we did. I miss them. I miss Theresa's smilie face and the talks we would have after the kids went to bed. It was nice just to have her home. Dhe looks amazeing, she has done so well. We are so very proud of her, talk about making good choices. She does it all. Love my kids, and would have none other.

Will write again,