Saturday, September 12, 2009

Good Day to one and all!!

I was going to update all of you. We had a very nice visit with Theresa, CJ and Mr. Brian.

We had a Wonderful time with them. We went downtown to see what we could see. lots of shops and you know Hudson's Burgers. We walked on the Boardwalk. We went to Dockside and had dessert.

Theresa and the kids went to Silverwood while they were here. They went with a friend and here her children. Fun was had by all. The kids came home just beat.

We all went to The North Idaho Fair. The kids went on all the rides, had fair food and watched the Motocross. Some of those kids were so small. They were awesome to watch. CJ liked the fact that one of the riders name was CJ. Her ears would perk up every time his name was called. She loved it.

Theresa keeps the kids busy any way she can. They are busy all by them selves, but keeps them busy beyond that. The kids liked to walked the dogs. We took a few walks. The kids had a Lemonade stand.( they made $30.00). They were only out there about 2 hours. Cute kids with small faces are a real assist to sales.

I can not remember what all we did. I miss them. I miss Theresa's smilie face and the talks we would have after the kids went to bed. It was nice just to have her home. Dhe looks amazeing, she has done so well. We are so very proud of her, talk about making good choices. She does it all. Love my kids, and would have none other.

Will write again,


Monday, August 17, 2009


Family ... You Gotta love Em!!!!

We get to have Theresa and the Kids here for 3 weeks. We are going to enjoy and play lots. The kids are so happy to be here. They hardly hit the door and off to the toys they go. It is so funny Brian always pulls out the same 3 or 4 top favorites and then, plays with them first. The others come out later. They all end up all over and a joy to see them here. I Love It all. The mess looks so good to me. Grandma's think funny.

Cj is here with me and wants to tell a story!

CJ says her trip here with Mommy and Brother had a Good trip. They watched 3 movies (Bambi, Bolt and The Incurables... CJ spelling.)

Stopped to play at McDonald's. Snack was Cookies. Pink drink. We did not take a nap.

Then we came to Grandma's work, and picked her up, and we got to go in her car to her house.
That was fun.

It is now bed time, and we have brand new Sleeping Bags! GOOD NIGHT!!

Mommy is reading to the kids, Wow! there is a slow mo for the kids. I Love just to them here. It makes soooooo happy. What a Joy! Kyle and Theresaare Wonderful Parents. Good Job Kids!

bye for now.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Birthday FunDay

Yes! it is Good to Have Birthdays!

I had a Wonderful Birthday. My Children called each and everyone. I even heard from Miss Becky. She is a Daughter I will claim, just like the others. Gena called to wish me Birthday tidying's and we got to talk for a long time. Then she got to talk to her long winded Dad. He really is only long winded for you kids. He is fast on the phone with others. Theresa called and I could hear her fast pace world in the background. She wished me a Happy Birthday, then I got a call from CJ who sang the birthday song. That was Great. Her voice was so nice to hear on the phone. Her singing voice is getting to be soooo cute. Kyle called, they were on the way to Huckleberry picking. They got lots. Save some, and I will cook while I am there.!!! Yah!!! I love all the the cooking. It makes me feel Special, Thank You!

I also had a guest for the day. My Dad came to visit. He lives in the Tri-Cities. He was her to meet a gal named Page. She has rentals and she sells homes, and condos. I am a bit concerned that he is now 80 and lives alone. He does everything for himself, but I worry if he were to fall, or something happened no-one would be around to help him. I am trying to get him to move closer to us. Not that it is easy for him to leave all that he knows in the Tri-Cities. Page was Great! She helped him see that there are good places here. He might even have less to pay a month owning rather then renting. A Good Thing! We will see.

Dad took us to Dinner to a nice Italian Place. He says it is as close to what he remembers of his families cooking as a kid. It was soooo good. Yummmmm!

Talk to you soon,


Tuesday, August 4, 2009

I am allowed to drive International

David and I are now have a INTERNATIONAL DRIVERS PERMIT!!

We are getting ready for our trip to see Gena and Bill. David even can drive a Motorcycle on the Autobond. He wants to look into renting a motorcycle and doing a little driving with a Bike and a Car. He is soooooo looking forward to our trip. To hear David you would think he is going to stay a lot longer with all that he wants to do. Poor Gena and Bill. We are going to keep them on the run while we are there. Who Ray!!!!!

Talk to you sooon, Midge

Monday, August 3, 2009


OK! You girls are so funny. No I do not plan on hurting myself while in Germany. I really don't plan to hurt myself, but stuff just happens. As long as I do not try to drive the bike, or should I say STOP the bike we should be ok.

Monday is Monday and work went quick, and I did not get enough done. Tuesday is aother day.

I will write again,


Friday, July 31, 2009

Left Leg on the mend.

Well I just want to say someday I will hurt no more. Today my Left Leg is much better. Now, if I can just get the rest of the body on track. I will not hurt myself until we see Gena and Bill.

Work was really tuff this week. It will get better. I will get a handle on it all. All I need is the time to catch up with all the files and I'm there. Yeah Who!!

We were going to have a Guest for the weekend, but Becky's plans fell though. She says we will see her on August 18Th. It will be Wonderful to see her again. She is Theresa and Kyles friend from Boise. We have just adopted her as our own. She is a Doll.

See on the web,

Midge or Mom, depends on who is reading this.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Therapy ! Yeah!!

Today was my first day of Therapy for my bum leg. I met with my Doctor and he said he could feel the tense hamstring. We first used warm oil and soft massage. Then they put a machine that puts eclectic charge Thur your leg and put more blood flow to you muscle. That felt good. Tomorrow they want to do some of the same and add exercise. We will find out. The leg does feel oh so much better. Thank You!!!

Work was fun, Thursday I do a full inventory. It did not go well. The ScanGun was in error. I had to count 111 sku's by hand. Time waster>>>>made me very unhappy. All is well no missing items. Sim Cards / Phones and Accessories were all spot on. That is always good. I just need to get the rest of my paperwork done, and all will be Good!

Say Goodnight Gracie, Love you all! Midge

Monday, July 20, 2009

A month in the making

Ok! OK!!!!!!

I have not blogged in a month and my Girls are after me........

I have had a few weeks of oh my God Busy!

I have had out of town Guests, and before that getting ready for said Guests.

We had my Brother Bob and his wife Jose for a week. They brought 2 Dogs with them. They were Wonderful, and so was Bob and Jose. Jose came with a gift for me, a purse and a wallet that were Louie Vuitton. They are very nice, and the only times I have gotten such nice purses is when my Girls would give as a gift. That is something I would not buy myself. What a nice treat. She bought it with her own money.

Bob tried to fix my computer only to find it needed all the software to be reloaded. Then he called Dell, Dell said they would send all that was needed. He then was offered a Warranty package and bought that for us. he said it was to nice of a computer to just let go of. I then called Dell when the software came in the mail, now someone is coming to the house to put in a new part and load all the software. YahWooooooo! It looks like it will be up and running Soooooon!!!!

Bob also came with his Motorcycle. He wanted to go to Thunder Thursday. We loaded ourselves, and Bob and Jose. We all went to Thunder Thursday, and met Ken and Melanie there. We had a Wonderful time, and alot of people noticed Bob's bike said Hardly Davidson. He was standing not to far from his bike when he noticed a group of people talking about his Hardly Davidson. They were trying to figure out just what it really was???? He loved every minute of it all.
We went to both places and had a really good time. I worked everyday there were here and could not take any time off. Bob Tried to keep busy with his rental duplex, and just having fun. He tried to get Jose to go up in a sea plane, but she told him you go alone. No way baby! She really really ment it. Bob dropped the subject. Bob and Jose enjoyed Coeur d' Alene and our wonderful area. Jose says she wants to come back, but by plane, no more driving that far.

Bob and Jose left early on Friday (7:00 am) and Kyle, Theresa and our Wonderful Grandchildren came later that day. They got to stay until Sunday early. I had a motorcycle class that weekend. We will talk about that later. (Not Good!). The kids were just Great to see. I Loved on all, hugged when I could grab a body. Brian and CJ looked just Great. The kids got to visit with Family one and all while they were here. They got to see everyone who were in town. Kyle and Theresa looked really good. Theresa has lost alot of pounds and Looks Wonderful. She looks like my young lady from her teen years. WOW!!!!!! Kyle is doing well and is always on the run. That young man has nine irons in the fire, and keeps them balanced. I do not know how, he is that good. CJ took ill and needed a run the ER room. Found she has a virus and just needed to keep an eye on her. Soft foods. She got better, and her temp went down.

Now the Motorcycle Class I told you i would come back to:
The class was to be Fri. nightto get to know our needs for the class from 6:00pm to 8:30pm. That was fun.
Sat.8:00am to 4:00pm. That was get right on the bike and learn to ride one thing at a time until Noon. that was even more fun. I learned alot, made some mistake, but took alot home to think about. Keep in mind I knew nothing of gears, shifting and the general running of all that. Wow! alot to know and keep in your head as you go blasting Thur little cones. Had a blast! The next hour was lunch, then classroom learning. Great Day on the bike.
Sun. 8:00 to 5:00pm. First 5 hours was to be on the bike, going through all the tasks we would need to pass the street test. I was doing OK, then it happened. I dumped the bike. Just a small fall not bad. I of course the only one in class to drop the bike. I was so Mad! Then I had to remind myself that I was the only one in class that had never been on a bike or know how to run Thur the gears. The next task was to see if you could pass the skills part of the class. I got to be the one on the sidelines to cherr on the others. It made me sad to know I could not get back on the bike as I had pulled and tore a hamstring in left leg. I was in pain and in tears. I know it was going to be a disappointment to David. I did stay and took the written test. I got a 90 percent. I can take the class again, they did not ban me! Yah!!! Who knows maybe when Gena and Bill take the class I will try again. I am not sure. My leg is still a pain, and i have to go to therapy for my leg now. Makes me Mad I hurt myself.

We also have a new look at work. With all that going on we also did a refresh at work, which is tons of changes on the walls and the phone displays. Oh Joy!!!

That has been my time this month. Let me know what you think?????

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Something New

My Wonderful Daughter Theresa was telling me about things one can do to customize your blog. I went looking and found a cartoon game you can play. Soooo! go to the bottom of the page and see how well you can do!!! I dare you. Next I want to see what else I can do on our Blog. This could be fun. Check it out for now.

Bye Bye!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Thunder Thursday!!!

Thunder Thursday, is sooooo much fun. We went to Cruisers, which is a open bar. when I say open bar I mean a bar with two sides to it. Think of a Big barn open at both ends. One side has bar, then the other side has two pool tables and a stand for a band, and a big Screen TV. Down the middle is a narrow roadway. When you arrive at his bar you DRIVE RIGHT DOWN THAT ROAD THUR THE BAR. They serve $1.50 tacos and you have dinner on the run. You just keep out of the way of all the bikes and cars that drive right past you. Once you drive the road you park and look at all the bikes. I would say that there are at least 300 bikes or more. Sometimes it gets so full they park on the other side of the road. It is a sight to see. When you all come to visit you must go enjoy the sights. David really really Loves it. Tonight was our first ride Thur the building. David's smile was a mile wide. It was COOL!! See we are not to old to enjoy the simple things in life. Love It ! Love It!!!!

Time for bed for this tried old gal. Good Night All, Love you lots. Dreaming of the road, how about you?

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Update! UPDATE!!

"Hi" One and All,

Since I give my Daughter Gena a bad time about not Blogging, I will start the ball rolling.

I was in Seattle area for a week. Went to Fin Rep Training. Oh joy! more work, but I learned allot. I met wonderful people that do the same job as I, found I am doing a Great job. I also found our Team and our Store are Awesome. We for the most part do a very good job. We as a group do very little errors, but when do they are Lou Lou's. Found I like doing the Reports and learning better how to read and analyze them. I am still working to understand some of it. Found i could add to the learning. I showed everyone how to get our daily reports sent right to their e-mail automatically. I was a star as now it only takes 2 or 3 mins. to run the daily reports in place of waiting up to 15 mins. for one. We run 7 or 8 a day. Time taker. WEEEEEE!

Now I have even better news..

You Ready?????

You Sure ?????


I Will tell You,

My Dad is not so hip, but I so enjoy the bike. This is something I really really want to do. I am soooo very Happy. David seems very pleased and that is just gravy. Who knows maybe we will just get me a bike. Ummmmm. Melanie is going to take the class with me, so we can make fools of ourselves and have a support system in place. Yeah!! She knows me well, and we do have a good time together. can not wait. It is in July, I will keep you all posted..

Bye for now,

See you on the road.

Sunday, April 19, 2009


We were going to go on a Poker Run. That was going to be on Saturday. We found out it was a bar hopping venture. We do not drink so no fun there...

We made our own fun. I called a friend of mind. I know her and her husband have a bike. Ken and Melanie, Jessica and Jeremey and David and I. We wnet to Sandpoint to go to Second Ave Pizza. We found out it opens at 3:00pm. We got there at 1:00pm. Who knew a pizza place was not open at a time for lunch?

Ken and Melanie have a 2008 Harley Davison Road King, Ken has it very nicly dressed.

Jessica and Jeremey got Phils bike for the day.

We have our bike and a way we went.

It was a beauty of a ride. We went one way and came back aother. We went thru towns I was not even aware of. I was soooooooooo much fun. Next week we will go on a ride that shoud have about 100 riders. It is called the White Pines Run. I will take pictures along the way. I am being told I should be taking pictures to post. We will show you just how much fun it can be.

Bye for now,


Monday, April 6, 2009

Motorbike Time

WOW! we can now ride the bike. David has been pacing the floor.!! He wanted the snow to stop and melt away from the door so he could get the bike out. OH! my the snow has stopped, the snow in gone from in front of the door. Grab your helmet and sunglasses. We are gone!!! Bye!!!

David is so Lucky he rode the bike to work today. He is a happy HAPPY Man! He will ride as long as the weather keeps up. This summer we are going to enjoy the world from the bike. Every chance we get. LOVE TO RIDE!!!!

We were also sick this last week. We both went into the Urgent Care. The Doctor saw us both at the same time, quess what we have the same meds. His and hers Meds. Oh what fun it is. We share everything. LOVE that man.

If you can catch up with us, come join us on the road.

Friday, March 27, 2009


Oh! please forgive the spelling of a very tried lady at the keys. Now keep this in mind when you read our Blog. Thanks, Midge

OK!!! I will Blog!!!

OK! Girls, I know I have not Blogged for a bit.

Since Jan 8th, I have been busy at work and busy at play.

I took some tie off to see my Dad in Feb. He had a Test done that he could not drive after. I am glad he did not drive after this test, because we went out to eat and dad did not even remeber ordering his food. Whn te food came Oh she knew what I wanted! Istayed for a few days and cooked up a strom. Left Dad with lots of goodies in his freezer. I tried to do more but ran out of time.

Then just this last week I was at Kyle and Theresa's for a week and had a blast of fun with all the kids. I only saw Kyle a small amount of time well spent. He was there and then he was gone back to work. That Boy sure works hard. Kyle and Theresa took off for the Oregon Coast for 4 days while I stayed with THE KIDS. WOW!!!! What fun we had. Theresa has the kids on a really good daily to do's. The alarm goes off and the house jumps with two live wires and we get dressed, down with food and even some cartoons in before we take CJ to school. Then Brian and I were off to do something fun until 11:30am to pick up CJ. we then went home for lunch and the peacefull Nap time. 2:00pm to 3:30pm. Then we read books, worked in workbooks and just had some fun. Brain got new set of blocks that was from Cars for his birthday. CJ got 3 new Barbies and a new My Little Pony. Brian picked out a new Dinosaur. We had so much fun. The kids were very good, and I am very happy I got to spend time with them on a one on one, or should I say Nose to Nose basis. I am in hopes to continue to be able to take time off every year so Kyle and Theresa can take time out for thair Anniversary. I like giving them that and I really enjoy the babies. We play, we learn, we color and cut. Its GREAT!

I'm now back to work... Boo! Hiss! I only worked 3 days this week and I got ran ragged. I did 14 days of folders and did all the new stuff on top of that. I found notes from everyone with please help its from customers. The billing issues that no one wants to take care of. I was also told of a new set of paperwork that needs doing everyday. Its all just really busy work. While the Sales people can sit on thair hands I run like a chicken getting eveything done. Oh Well I have Mon thur Fri that are all earlies. Thank You!!! I get the weekends off with the man I married. That means alot to me and it means alot to him. Thank God we Still like each other.

Tonight we will watch a movie and Popcorn from a new popper my Wonderful See Family gave me. Yah!!! We really like it, just ask Poco. He thinks all the popcorn is his and may get some.

We have a account with Netflix and that seems to workout well. another good idea of Theresa's.

I get to call Gena this weekend to see about our tickets to see her in Gemany! We are so looking forward to seeing her, Bill and the kids. It will be nice to see what its like in Germany and how they live there. I know every time we talk to to Gena she seems to Love it there. I think the kids know how lucky they are to be there. Genas work is sometimes a bit rough on her. I'm in hopes our visit will be for her. I know I have missed our one on one face to face time. I look forward to just being in the same room with her. I also know she is looking forward to our visit. David has a few places he wants to revisit. Me I'm just looking forward to the family time. Family ia everything to me. The more the better time spent.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Crazy Lady on 3rd Street

Our daughter Theresa has always been a source of laughter, but she topped herself this last visit. Now picture lots and lots of snow on the ground. In fact we have had a record breaking year for all time. That means we park our cars a block and a half from home at a Safeway store. there is not a place to park a car and we can not get into our driveway, or the ally way that leads to our driveway. Theresa and Kyle came to visit, and stayed at Kyle's folks house. Theresa and I were going to spend the day together. She wanted to shower at our house so she grab her purse, her clothes in a plastic bag and her makeup up kit. She was wearing her Jammie's. Blue with Owls on them. I tell you this to set up the scene. She remembers she is now in her Jammie's and will need to walk the walk to our house.

I hear a door slam and the loudest laugh I have heard in years. She says to me "Mom I'm a Crazy Woman" Lets get the picture, snow booths, Owls on blue Jammie's and a few bags in tow. She tells me I ran across the parking lot to Safeway, no-one there, I ran across the parking lot to the strip mall, no-one there. I get to 3rd street. I'm thinking about hiding behind a snow brum ( no stand proud was her choice) as about 7 cars come zooming by. She is laughing as each car takes a 2ND look, and even pointing and laughing out loud. One guy even points to his passager and they both take a 2ND and 3rd look. she then runs even faster down 3rd and onto Birth and on to home. She just makes me laugh. That is how our day started and it never is dull with Theresa in tow, or me in her control. Believe me she is in control. We had a Wonderful Day well spent. I always enjoy my time with our children, each and every minute.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

New York

I jsut wanted to share with you our visit to New York. We went this last May. Our Son lives in NJ. A trip to the city is about an hour away. At one point we stopped driving and jumped on a bus. No parking woos. Once there we got on the Subway. Oh my gosh. It was very clean, a little confusing, David Jr had it all under control. We first hit Ground Zero. then waslked and walked and walked. That is a city under construction, and you walk everywhere. It is Wonderful. All the. people. All the sights. So many stores, you just want to take your time and watch the world go by. It is amazing. I saw a store that it was just the size of a regular door and about 3 feet deep. They sold Sunglasses. WoW! The things we saw and the walking. Went went to Battery Park, what a great park. The water front. We saw Lady Liberty, we just saw it from a far. it was Fleet Week, the line for the boat to see Lady Liberty was bigger then ever. We did see Madison Square Garden. Empire building seem so big, but then all the building were all so very tall. It is scary how close they all are as well. We spent the day, and had a very Good time. here are some pictures.



David before and After

David has a new look, I Loved his furry face!

Friday, January 2, 2009


I didn't like the picture Theresa posted for me, so here is another.


Want some?

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Fearlesss Driver

I have been busy and have not been adding to our blog. The snow has kept us all very busy. All I seem to get done is getting to work, which is a challange at best. With what most often takes 15 minutes now takes sometimes an hour an a half. The snow levels has broken all time records. It is still snowing, and snowing. Driving has been a real eye opener. My eyes get wider and wider each time I have found myself on a slip and slide with my car. It is better at getting your heart started. That's the best, who needs the summer to feel the slip and slide feeling. Your car is all the more fun. Even better, you can do real damage to you, your car and others. That is the fear part. I have become a real good SLOW driver. Fearless in the fact that your control is all in your head and Gods hands. The other drivers have been really good this year with all the snow and ice we have had. I must say it has been a real life ordeal just getting around. We can not even get into our driveway, or alley way. We park our cars at a local store. there is no where to park on the streets. We have much to much snow. My Daughter did not believe me. Now she does, as she has come to see all the snow and now tells me she is sure she is going to die today. It was the first time I ever asked her to drive faster. She is my Speed Demon. Her and her Wonderful Husband bought a car from Creigslist from here. They drove up by car, and were going to just drive both cars back to the town they live in. She asked if she could come pick me up and go to fax something.. I get into the car and she is telling me how scared she is to drive. I thought she was just kidding me, then I saw her face. She was not kidding and she was driving just like Miss Daisy. She asked OK what is the best way to go. I told her the freeway, she then asked "are they going to mind me only driving 20 Miles per hour?" We get on the freeway and sure enough she was driving 20 miles at the fastest point. I then asked her to drive faster, or just Go!!! I have never seen her so afraid of something. Then we came across another car driving just like her. I noticed that it was a new car to that person. They were getting their snow legs with that car or they had bad tires. My Fearless Daughter. She has Good Common Sense. Yah!!!! I knew it was in there. Who knew it would just take real Oh My God Snow to make it come out.