Sunday, January 4, 2009

New York

I jsut wanted to share with you our visit to New York. We went this last May. Our Son lives in NJ. A trip to the city is about an hour away. At one point we stopped driving and jumped on a bus. No parking woos. Once there we got on the Subway. Oh my gosh. It was very clean, a little confusing, David Jr had it all under control. We first hit Ground Zero. then waslked and walked and walked. That is a city under construction, and you walk everywhere. It is Wonderful. All the. people. All the sights. So many stores, you just want to take your time and watch the world go by. It is amazing. I saw a store that it was just the size of a regular door and about 3 feet deep. They sold Sunglasses. WoW! The things we saw and the walking. Went went to Battery Park, what a great park. The water front. We saw Lady Liberty, we just saw it from a far. it was Fleet Week, the line for the boat to see Lady Liberty was bigger then ever. We did see Madison Square Garden. Empire building seem so big, but then all the building were all so very tall. It is scary how close they all are as well. We spent the day, and had a very Good time. here are some pictures.

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