Thursday, January 8, 2009

Crazy Lady on 3rd Street

Our daughter Theresa has always been a source of laughter, but she topped herself this last visit. Now picture lots and lots of snow on the ground. In fact we have had a record breaking year for all time. That means we park our cars a block and a half from home at a Safeway store. there is not a place to park a car and we can not get into our driveway, or the ally way that leads to our driveway. Theresa and Kyle came to visit, and stayed at Kyle's folks house. Theresa and I were going to spend the day together. She wanted to shower at our house so she grab her purse, her clothes in a plastic bag and her makeup up kit. She was wearing her Jammie's. Blue with Owls on them. I tell you this to set up the scene. She remembers she is now in her Jammie's and will need to walk the walk to our house.

I hear a door slam and the loudest laugh I have heard in years. She says to me "Mom I'm a Crazy Woman" Lets get the picture, snow booths, Owls on blue Jammie's and a few bags in tow. She tells me I ran across the parking lot to Safeway, no-one there, I ran across the parking lot to the strip mall, no-one there. I get to 3rd street. I'm thinking about hiding behind a snow brum ( no stand proud was her choice) as about 7 cars come zooming by. She is laughing as each car takes a 2ND look, and even pointing and laughing out loud. One guy even points to his passager and they both take a 2ND and 3rd look. she then runs even faster down 3rd and onto Birth and on to home. She just makes me laugh. That is how our day started and it never is dull with Theresa in tow, or me in her control. Believe me she is in control. We had a Wonderful Day well spent. I always enjoy my time with our children, each and every minute.

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