Thursday, January 1, 2009

Fearlesss Driver

I have been busy and have not been adding to our blog. The snow has kept us all very busy. All I seem to get done is getting to work, which is a challange at best. With what most often takes 15 minutes now takes sometimes an hour an a half. The snow levels has broken all time records. It is still snowing, and snowing. Driving has been a real eye opener. My eyes get wider and wider each time I have found myself on a slip and slide with my car. It is better at getting your heart started. That's the best, who needs the summer to feel the slip and slide feeling. Your car is all the more fun. Even better, you can do real damage to you, your car and others. That is the fear part. I have become a real good SLOW driver. Fearless in the fact that your control is all in your head and Gods hands. The other drivers have been really good this year with all the snow and ice we have had. I must say it has been a real life ordeal just getting around. We can not even get into our driveway, or alley way. We park our cars at a local store. there is no where to park on the streets. We have much to much snow. My Daughter did not believe me. Now she does, as she has come to see all the snow and now tells me she is sure she is going to die today. It was the first time I ever asked her to drive faster. She is my Speed Demon. Her and her Wonderful Husband bought a car from Creigslist from here. They drove up by car, and were going to just drive both cars back to the town they live in. She asked if she could come pick me up and go to fax something.. I get into the car and she is telling me how scared she is to drive. I thought she was just kidding me, then I saw her face. She was not kidding and she was driving just like Miss Daisy. She asked OK what is the best way to go. I told her the freeway, she then asked "are they going to mind me only driving 20 Miles per hour?" We get on the freeway and sure enough she was driving 20 miles at the fastest point. I then asked her to drive faster, or just Go!!! I have never seen her so afraid of something. Then we came across another car driving just like her. I noticed that it was a new car to that person. They were getting their snow legs with that car or they had bad tires. My Fearless Daughter. She has Good Common Sense. Yah!!!! I knew it was in there. Who knew it would just take real Oh My God Snow to make it come out.

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