Thursday, December 25, 2008

OH! My! what a Wonderful Christmas it has been. We had a great Christmas video call with both of our girls families at the same time. I was SO very happy to see both of them at the same time, did I say at the same time??? It was AWESOME!!!! It brought tears to our eyes. They mean everything to us. It is as it has always been the kids come first to us, and always will. You know that will also be in their families. Our children are our
world. Every parent has this feeling, just as soon as that little bundle is placed in your hands.

We enjoyed all the gifts we watched being opened, and the ones we opened as well. The Grandchildens faces never disappoint the feeling and the glee of Christmas. I was feeling pretty glooom until that call. There was not a Theresa who got the family up at oh my god eary. ( you know at like 3:00 o9r 4:00 am.) here. I miss so happy big eyed faces. There was only one year We had to wake the kids.

Thank You !!!!! Girls!!!!!!!!!!

We also heard from our son David Jr. They live in the New York area, and they were at his in-laws for Christmas dinner. Had a wonderful long call with them. All is right with world when we can talk to all the kids. WoW!!! It was Wonderful!!

Enjoy your Family and count the Blesdsings you have in your Life. That is the true meaning of Life for me. I count all my Family as a Blessing.

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