Thursday, July 23, 2009

Therapy ! Yeah!!

Today was my first day of Therapy for my bum leg. I met with my Doctor and he said he could feel the tense hamstring. We first used warm oil and soft massage. Then they put a machine that puts eclectic charge Thur your leg and put more blood flow to you muscle. That felt good. Tomorrow they want to do some of the same and add exercise. We will find out. The leg does feel oh so much better. Thank You!!!

Work was fun, Thursday I do a full inventory. It did not go well. The ScanGun was in error. I had to count 111 sku's by hand. Time waster>>>>made me very unhappy. All is well no missing items. Sim Cards / Phones and Accessories were all spot on. That is always good. I just need to get the rest of my paperwork done, and all will be Good!

Say Goodnight Gracie, Love you all! Midge


  1. yikes 111 by hand! booooooring

  2. Sounds like the bar gun needs to be fixed. I would hate to read 111 items by hand.