Monday, July 20, 2009

A month in the making

Ok! OK!!!!!!

I have not blogged in a month and my Girls are after me........

I have had a few weeks of oh my God Busy!

I have had out of town Guests, and before that getting ready for said Guests.

We had my Brother Bob and his wife Jose for a week. They brought 2 Dogs with them. They were Wonderful, and so was Bob and Jose. Jose came with a gift for me, a purse and a wallet that were Louie Vuitton. They are very nice, and the only times I have gotten such nice purses is when my Girls would give as a gift. That is something I would not buy myself. What a nice treat. She bought it with her own money.

Bob tried to fix my computer only to find it needed all the software to be reloaded. Then he called Dell, Dell said they would send all that was needed. He then was offered a Warranty package and bought that for us. he said it was to nice of a computer to just let go of. I then called Dell when the software came in the mail, now someone is coming to the house to put in a new part and load all the software. YahWooooooo! It looks like it will be up and running Soooooon!!!!

Bob also came with his Motorcycle. He wanted to go to Thunder Thursday. We loaded ourselves, and Bob and Jose. We all went to Thunder Thursday, and met Ken and Melanie there. We had a Wonderful time, and alot of people noticed Bob's bike said Hardly Davidson. He was standing not to far from his bike when he noticed a group of people talking about his Hardly Davidson. They were trying to figure out just what it really was???? He loved every minute of it all.
We went to both places and had a really good time. I worked everyday there were here and could not take any time off. Bob Tried to keep busy with his rental duplex, and just having fun. He tried to get Jose to go up in a sea plane, but she told him you go alone. No way baby! She really really ment it. Bob dropped the subject. Bob and Jose enjoyed Coeur d' Alene and our wonderful area. Jose says she wants to come back, but by plane, no more driving that far.

Bob and Jose left early on Friday (7:00 am) and Kyle, Theresa and our Wonderful Grandchildren came later that day. They got to stay until Sunday early. I had a motorcycle class that weekend. We will talk about that later. (Not Good!). The kids were just Great to see. I Loved on all, hugged when I could grab a body. Brian and CJ looked just Great. The kids got to visit with Family one and all while they were here. They got to see everyone who were in town. Kyle and Theresa looked really good. Theresa has lost alot of pounds and Looks Wonderful. She looks like my young lady from her teen years. WOW!!!!!! Kyle is doing well and is always on the run. That young man has nine irons in the fire, and keeps them balanced. I do not know how, he is that good. CJ took ill and needed a run the ER room. Found she has a virus and just needed to keep an eye on her. Soft foods. She got better, and her temp went down.

Now the Motorcycle Class I told you i would come back to:
The class was to be Fri. nightto get to know our needs for the class from 6:00pm to 8:30pm. That was fun.
Sat.8:00am to 4:00pm. That was get right on the bike and learn to ride one thing at a time until Noon. that was even more fun. I learned alot, made some mistake, but took alot home to think about. Keep in mind I knew nothing of gears, shifting and the general running of all that. Wow! alot to know and keep in your head as you go blasting Thur little cones. Had a blast! The next hour was lunch, then classroom learning. Great Day on the bike.
Sun. 8:00 to 5:00pm. First 5 hours was to be on the bike, going through all the tasks we would need to pass the street test. I was doing OK, then it happened. I dumped the bike. Just a small fall not bad. I of course the only one in class to drop the bike. I was so Mad! Then I had to remind myself that I was the only one in class that had never been on a bike or know how to run Thur the gears. The next task was to see if you could pass the skills part of the class. I got to be the one on the sidelines to cherr on the others. It made me sad to know I could not get back on the bike as I had pulled and tore a hamstring in left leg. I was in pain and in tears. I know it was going to be a disappointment to David. I did stay and took the written test. I got a 90 percent. I can take the class again, they did not ban me! Yah!!! Who knows maybe when Gena and Bill take the class I will try again. I am not sure. My leg is still a pain, and i have to go to therapy for my leg now. Makes me Mad I hurt myself.

We also have a new look at work. With all that going on we also did a refresh at work, which is tons of changes on the walls and the phone displays. Oh Joy!!!

That has been my time this month. Let me know what you think?????


  1. Hurray!!!You finally posted something. I am pround the you went out there and took a motorcycle class. Next time you will do better. I know you will. I would love it if you do the class with me and Bill. I love you mom. Gena

  2. I really hope you take the class again. We had fun while we were up there!