Monday, August 10, 2009

Birthday FunDay

Yes! it is Good to Have Birthdays!

I had a Wonderful Birthday. My Children called each and everyone. I even heard from Miss Becky. She is a Daughter I will claim, just like the others. Gena called to wish me Birthday tidying's and we got to talk for a long time. Then she got to talk to her long winded Dad. He really is only long winded for you kids. He is fast on the phone with others. Theresa called and I could hear her fast pace world in the background. She wished me a Happy Birthday, then I got a call from CJ who sang the birthday song. That was Great. Her voice was so nice to hear on the phone. Her singing voice is getting to be soooo cute. Kyle called, they were on the way to Huckleberry picking. They got lots. Save some, and I will cook while I am there.!!! Yah!!! I love all the the cooking. It makes me feel Special, Thank You!

I also had a guest for the day. My Dad came to visit. He lives in the Tri-Cities. He was her to meet a gal named Page. She has rentals and she sells homes, and condos. I am a bit concerned that he is now 80 and lives alone. He does everything for himself, but I worry if he were to fall, or something happened no-one would be around to help him. I am trying to get him to move closer to us. Not that it is easy for him to leave all that he knows in the Tri-Cities. Page was Great! She helped him see that there are good places here. He might even have less to pay a month owning rather then renting. A Good Thing! We will see.

Dad took us to Dinner to a nice Italian Place. He says it is as close to what he remembers of his families cooking as a kid. It was soooo good. Yummmmm!

Talk to you soon,



  1. yay! Happy Birthday! I love you and miss you! See you soon!

  2. Where did you go to dinner and can we go when I come to visit?
    Love you